Seeing the Joy in a Gray Day

It is a rainy Thursday in October. I am alternating between self-combusting with hot flashes (Scarf off!) and shivering in the early fall chill, which is inexplicably augmented by the air conditioning that is still on here (Scarf on!). No matter. The gray day has had an opposite effect on me today, for some reason, and I am grateful. I am blissful in fact, and so, I have decided that today is as good a day as any to start this blog.

And…in full disclosure… I should share that I have started this blog least three times before, and in fits of perfectionism have decided to redo and redo and redo. And, full disclosure again, I sat on the idea for at least two years before that, so there you go. A very real and full illustration how debilitating perfectionism can be.

Final full disclosure…this blog will not be perfect. My messages are not guaranteed to inspire, though I hope that some of them do. My photos will not necessarily be breathtaking… but some of them might stir you a bit. My ideas might strike you as strange or interesting, silly or smart, a waste of time, or worth reading. I will not be perfect, but I will try. I have decided that it is in the trying that real bliss is found.

So, I hope to use this space to share the many blessings that come to women in middle age, as well as some fun things to do, read, share, try, enjoy, and experience.

On this gray, rainy day, I have decided to think cozy! I am listening to classical piano, which I played just well enough to enjoy when I was young. Now I am enjoying the memories I have of that experience, considering buying myself a keyboard for Christmas, and congratulating myself for all the beautiful pieces I remember and loved to play!

I have a cup of tea (I feel like it should be chamomile to complete the picture, but it is Detox tea instead, which never hurts!), and I am enjoying the way the light in this room glows against the darker sky outside. There is much today and every day for which I am grateful.

Welcome to Middlebliss!