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New Year, New You? A Different Resolution

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The first weeks of January are filled with articles about New Year’s resolutions, setting goals, and making promises to yourself – all of which will help you start the New Year on the best foot possible. Many of them have the same title as this piece does, in fact! Setting resolutions begins with the premise that there is something lacking in the existing you. By setting the right resolutions, you can become a new and improved version of yourself.

Like most people, I like the idea of starting fresh, of having a clear jumping off point for starting something new. But this year I noticed that when people are asked about their New Year’s resolutions, they often look outside themselves for something to add to their already full repertoire of things to do or be.

But what if we look at ourselves and like what we see? Would looking within at the start of the New Year and just celebrating what we love about ourselves actually make a bigger and better difference in the year to come than setting yet one more resolution that we are likely to break?

So, I’ll start …

I love that I make time each day to take care of myself. I may not always work out hard or skip the sweets, but every day I exercise in some way and eat healthy foods, too.

I smile at myself each day, a habit I got into a while back and that I find really does lift my mood and make me feel optimistic about my future.

I am taking more risks than I ever have before, and finally focusing on what matters most to me – family and friends; meaningful work; and my home as nurturing a place as possible, not only for others, but for me, too.

This year, I am not setting any more resolutions. I already know what to do – I have set the same resolutions for my entire adult life! Instead I am going to focus on what I already do that is good and whole and true, and just try to do more of that each day. I think 2020 will be a very good year for me!

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